Scaling All Verticals

DG is hiring more talented individuals to hyperscale its core development department.

Building multiple scalable and successful tech projects is no easy task, but thankfully we won't be doing it alone.

Over the past few months we were grateful to have assembled an outstanding team, each with their own strengths and expertise, to help us aggressively grow the DG organization and bring its creations in front of billions of people around the world.

DG focused projects will continue to be built in part on the technology we have developed in the past. The ideas and experiences we've encountered back then have enabled us to learn how to become much more efficient and will serve as an important foundation for all future technology built under our wing. Our plans for expansion and adaptation are progressing quickly and will be developed openly.

As a team, we are driven by the confidence that we are the right team of people to build a proper foundation for multiple tech organizations to flourish upon.

The majority of DG products are for people who want to build meaningful software that has the potential to reach billions of people globally. Over the past several months we’ve spoken to many software engineers, tech brands, and companies about what they are building. We have discovered that there is a ton to be excited about.

Many of these growing organization are building the next generation social media platforms, creator-first media, niche specific platforms, fintech products, and much more which will depend on our suite of products.


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