Building TCN

Redefining high quality automotive photography through a social experience.

Building TCN

Although the TCN concept may seem rather elementary, many underestimate the logic created behind the scenes which empowers the application to attract millions of users.

The industry has been talking about an application like TCN for ages.

Fortunately, DG had the opportunity to incubate the TCN app since its inception in early 2021, and has recruited over 250 partners worldwide to feature high quality automotive photography in an ad-free environment available to everyone.

User Experience

TCN features an unparalleled user experience that is inviting for all demographics. Similar applications in its niche lack not only the social aspect, but the community dedication to enthusiasts.

User experience is important to TCN as it tries to fulfill the user needs from A to Z... Easily. It aims to provide the most positive experience to keep a user loyal to the app and TCN brand.

Additionally, a positive and feedback friendly user experience allows the team to define everyone's journey on the product that are most conducive to the offerings TCN provides.

No Advertising

TCN was built with a growing community in mind and is not short sighted. Plans to monetize the application are much deeper down the road and do not include traditional clutter style advertising models.

Vast Market

The automotive culture is growing by the second, with enthusiasts spanning across the globe. By appealing to all independent car scenes, TCN has the ability to capture and target a diverse audience catered towards an individuals preference.

How We Are Scaling

DG will be assisting the team with ideology, expansion capital and introductions to notable VC partners to lead the next round of exponential growth at an 8 figure valuation range.


TCN is an excellent fit for any automotive organization and therefore will be focusing on partnering with leading vehicle brands and dealerships for increasing exposure.

Cross Platform

The Android application is currently in its final phase of QA and will be launched in the near future to address the other half of the smartphone market. By having 0 barrier to entry we anctipate exponential downloads progressing into the future.

Original Content

The TCN team is focused on creating unique content for brand awareness. In recent months, the team acquired an Autozam AZ1 and is documenting its restoration on YouTube while bringing it back to its original glory.

Community Incentives

TCN was built around community and is looking forward to updating the TCN app based on everyone's feedback.

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