Committed to the future of technology.

DG's mission is to develop and support innovative technology. We aim to advance the world with singular software, AI, blockchain technology and disruptive applications in a way that is expected to benefit humanity as a whole.

Our team specializes in building unique business models and scaling them into legendary companies. With over a decade of experience in the technology sector, our leadership has taken growth driven businesses to a whole new level.

Peter Danihel

Peter has been a serial entrepreneur in the tech space since the age of 20. He bootstrapped his first tech business with 0 capital and was the industry leader for 5 years in delivering promotional applications for YouTube.

Frank Danihel

Frank has over 13 years of experience in oil and gas, blockchain, and mobile app software development. He provides leadership, coordination, and guidance to deliver increased operational efficiency while having an eye for exceptional talent.

Shane Moser

Shane has over 8 years of experience in multi-disciplined aspects of marketing, design, as well as product and content development. He has been closely involved in past projects under multiple roles and is responsible for contributing the necessary resources in HedgeTrade’s marketing success.
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